Here is a collection of logotypes by ArtRaf Design Factory, which I created over the past 20 years. I love doing logos and, frankly speaking, this is my favourite part of the job indeed.

Needless to say, that logo or logotype is an essential part of the corporate or individual brand. I did for both, though. I developed logotypes for small businesses and corporate clients. I worked with private customers as well.

It is important to carefully listen to the client and hear what he or she wants me to do. And then this long and sometimes boring creative process begins. 🙂

You create some draft versions of the logotype, you show it to your client, you get feedback, you make amendments, and so forth. How I work with clients is written on the page about me. It’s here.

Due to a large number of logos in my portfolio, I created the second part of my logo design works.

More logotypes and other stuff are on my Instagram. You can follow me if you like.