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Hire Me

Rafael Ginatulin - ArtRaf Design Factory

My Work Ethics

I don’t do cheap clip art stuff. I do thoughtful work that will attract clients and keep them loyal. My successful track record includes:

  1. Logotypes
  2. Corporate identity
  3. Branding
  4. Packaging
  5. Brochures
  6. Menus
  7. Posters
  8. Flyers
  9. Music album covers
  10. Web page layouts

Service Description

Above all, I stick to the following process because it’s essential in terms of deadlines:

  1. The client sends me a detailed order or brief of what they want me to do.
  2. The client makes some advance payments to secure the project. The size of this payment depends on the total budget and will be negotiated individually.
  3. I send back the client 3 draft versions within 3–4 days of receipt of the order or brief.
  4. The client selects the final version and responds with comments.
  5. I make changes in the draft in accordance with the client’s feedback within 1–2 days and send it back again to the client for review.
  6. Consequently, the client notifies me of the approval of the final version.
  7. The client pays me the remaining amount.
  8. Finally, I provide the client with high-resolution files via a specified file-sharing portal.

How To Hire Me

Ok, you like my work and want me to do some job for you. There are two ways I can offer you for future collaboration.

  1. You can contact me directly through email or messenger, which you can find on the contact page.
  2. You want to secure project details like payment, and wish to work through well-established services like Upwork, which seems to be the best solution. Likewise, you can hire me there too.