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Some best print design work from ArtRaf Design Factory created over the past 15 years. This gallery includes visuals of brochures, postcards, posters, cards, calendars and other print design work examples.

Not only I can create imagery using Adobe Photshop and Illustrator. I develop layout templates for brochures and calendars as well. I am quite pro in using Adobe InDesign making up all those mulptiple page items.

As you can see from the gallery, I can apply various styles to creating different thing for different purposes. One is a very simple poster with some photos and colour chips with the right font.

Apart from picking up some necessary and very appropriate font, which is very important for any design job including print design, I am pretty confident in hand lettering and digital drawing. I love to use my Wacom pen tablet and make sketches very often.

There is an example of my trying to construct my own font as you can see some pictures in this print design gallery.

Of course, some print jobs can be applied to other items of my portfolio. For instance, some package is a pretty print work, once they made of a cardboard. For that matter, please go back to my portfolio for more example of my cool work. 😉

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