Almaty pictures and photos – fountains and mosaic

As summer’s coming to end and the weather is fine outside I decided to take a walk down the centre of Almaty and take a few pictures of some artefacts of old town. Here’s another portion of shots called “Pictures of Almaty”. Unfortunately, city authorities encourage builders to tear down old buildings or “renew” them in a way that they look terrible. If this keeps going this way, soon we wil live in a concrete and glass megapolis.

I’m not harsh as it may seem as a lot of old architecture is not here anymore.

Some mosaic can be seen on the facade of the Youth Theatre, in frotn of the Almaty hotel and former carpet factory. If you go to Tselinniy cinema or Bachus winery there is some as well. Infotrunately, the mosaic on the wall of the Eurasia insurance building is hidden now.

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I love our fountains too. Seethe beauty of fountains called Nedelka, Zodiac, one in Kunayev square and inside the theatre college.

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And finally, some nice Almaty pictures of the Soviet era.

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